The Social Media Package is a fresh, new take on one of our most well-loved packages - the Mini-Series.  If you're familiar with our work, you'd know that back when we started until the first couple of years, we offered couples the chance to completely let loose and star in their own mini-series, four short videos and a trailer designed to build up anticipation for the big day.  It was an extraordinary treat not only for the bride and groom, but also for their friends and family, who gamely tuned in to each episode during the countdown to D-day. The Mini-Series was one of our absolute favorites.

But it was ahead of its time. Way beyond flowing dresses and touching plants, the Mini-Series seemed to cater to more adventurous couples. With the boom of technology in video equipment and accessibility, the Mini-Series later became a premium service.

So how does one make that same extraordinary experience available to the more, let's say, traditional couple? Just like the original Mini-Series, the Social Media Package is primarily designed to get everyone excited for the upcoming wedding, but without the expectations of a telenovela. These new pre-wedding teaser videos are shorter, easier to view, and are more relevant to your friends' and family's social media habits. No more rallying for views or asking to "please press the play button and watch in HD." ;)

The standard Social Media Package includes:
1 (one) 40-second to one minute Save the Date or Opening Billboard (OBB)
3 (three) 15-second teaser videos for Facebook and Instagram

To launch, we're giving away the complete package FREE for wedding date reservations made between September 26 - October 7, 2016 only. We require at least two months production time before the estimated air date of the first video, so slots are limited and will depend on the production schedule. Standard Terms and Conditions apply.

Contact us to block your wedding date or request for more details. We can't wait to hear from you!