Why Hello, 2015!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AISLE 1401!  2014 has really been awesome to us, and while we're missing it already, we're super excited to explore what 2015 has in store :)

But first things first. 

Allow us to start the year off with a series of posts on our highlights this past 2014. It's an understatement for us, but when #201401 began, we were absolutely clueless about where it would bring us. And we were just as positively clueless about how it would end!


Towards the end of every year for the past two years, the WeddingsatWork.com W@Wie Awards had become a definite highlight for us. After making it to the Top 10 in 2012 and 2013, we were ecstatic to again make the list in 2014. It was truly an honor to have been included for a threepeat, the only videographers on the list for the past three years. This year was extra special to us because we were proud to stand alongside nominees who were also our very good friends :)

Held at Sampaguita Gardens under the coordination of fellow Top 10 Events by Thoffy, we were grateful enough to have been invited to the fabulously cinema-themed event. Bringing home the 2014 Supplier of the Year award was way beyond our expectations, and we are really, genuinely, exceedingly thankful to our brides and grooms and everyone who made it happen. It was an undeniably wonderful way to end #201401!




Check out photos of the 2014 W@W Christmas Party and W@Wie Awards by She & Him Photography here.

Watch the official announcement videos by Zoombox Weddings here.