Zombie Wedding Goes Viral!


When Paffu and Cyndee pitched the idea of doing an opening billboard for their grand entrance at their wedding reception, we were over the moon when we heard it was about zombies chasing them to the reception. The last time we did a zombie video was for Kitt and Cat's The Walking Dead/Tangled inspired mini-series teaser in 2012, and we had been itching to make another ever since because, well... ZOMBIES!

Zombie Wedding OBB behind the scenes outside Magallanes Church and Baywalk, Mall of Asia 

So Paffu and Cyndee's big day came and went in July. But by Halloween, imagine our delight when the features started pouring in! We were so proud of them! They did an incredible job with preparations for the video, following through with the original concept and making sure our production went as planned. They took care of the right permits, had costumes like their actual wedding attire made, and put together their own personal zombie horde courtesy of Scream Park Manila!

Their awesomeness paid off and Paffu and Cyndee were featured in Rebellious BridesWhen in Manila, Rappler, and Rated K.