CJ and Gem's Save the Date

We get all sorts of requests, and we love it when clients come to us with random, crazy-wonderful ideas that challenge the regular pattern of pre-wedding videos. It excites us because this is how we learn, and we are always grateful for every opportunity. Through the years, we've made some pretty interesting videos that step beyond the popular pre-wedding choices. We've played with movies and TV themes, guns and explosions, paper dolls and cutouts, vectors and animation, prosthetics and makeup.  But our favorite to date is using a green screen to play with our images. There's just a whole world of possibilities hidden behind a green screen! While we've used chroma key many times in the past, we've been waiting for a couple game enough for something new, maybe even a little trippy. Or at least, slightly, tastefully trippy. We got lucky.

CJ and Gem came to us looking for something different. Their request was something "astig," but of course still appropriate for a wedding announcement. During pre-production, their idea for a Save the Date got us all fired up, and while we had never tried it before, it was something we've always wanted to do. Challenge accepted.

Here's CJ and Gem's Save the Date, spiced up with some chroma key action, peppered with easter eggs, and sprinkled with lots of love. Enjoy and be inspired!

Music: I Can Feel Your Heartbeat Feat. Jordan Frye by A New Normal. Licensed though Musicbed.