"Thank you so much AISLE 1401! You really did a great job during our wedding. Super gandaaa ng SDE namen! 1st time to meet you nung wedding day but it wasn't awkward at all working with your whole team agad. You were so professional. Madali rin kausap and super flexible to any requests. Kahit na mainit, pagod and umaambon - walang pake just to get more beautiful shots. No regrets of choosing your team. Once again, super grateful kame! Keep up the good work. Thanks also to Ms Anna we had no communication issues. 

God bless you more!"



"Thank you so much for our amazing videos! Our OBB definitely set the tone for the reception and SDE was such a huge hit with our guests! You know how to make the bride look smashing, read client's mind and deliver beyond expectations! I loved every second and bit of your creations!




"Thank you ... Anna and the handsome Aisle 1401 hunks! You made it really easy for us! Your instructions were easy to follow and the team was so chill! You were one of my non-negotiables when we started this journey. Fell in love with your work of art from the very first SDE I've watched. There was a 'this is it' moment and my instincts have never failed me. Again, thank you thank you thank you thank you! There is no rating or number, that would be enough to rate your work of art, it's immeasurable.

We Love you Aisle 1401!"